Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Olympics day

Today I did the egg and spoon race.  I got the gold medal with jimi and joe. We won the first heat and then won the finals. I found it very fun and it was easy.
I also did archery. I didn't go to well on that because I didn't hit the target once.
I went very well in high jump because I could very high and didn't hit the bar. 

I helped my buddy in rowing/sailing because he didn't know what to do and he got lost was because I used to soccer scoring and rugby and hockey. I didn't know how hitting worked.

For next time I would copy Eli because I think should give something out when they win the race and I would change the soccer games with two teams and a proper soccer game.

I Got gold medal in fencing and find it good and I didn't quite get what the objective of the game is.
I liked how Zara and Hannah did the high jump because they let everyone know what to do and how to jump. They also talked very clearly.